Artist Statement

Drawing has always been the foundation of all my work. I’m fascinated by line’s ability to change the empty space around it. Space becomes energy moving through and around forms, directed and contained by line. Constellations of lines build up or grow into forms that also seem to be coming apart or dissolving. Often the echo of a line or color moves throughout the drawing. I think of this process as weaving strands of color. These woven images, built of echoes and open space suggest widely diverse narratives, or situations to viewers.

Though I begin with still life objects, a landscape space is implied. The objects become like characters acting within that space. The same objects are used again and again, deepening their personal meaning and developing more complex relationships to each other. I’m interested in the process of looking. The drawings aren’t really about the actual still life objects. They are more concerned with what I can find in trying to see them.