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Three Artists Between Abstraction and Figuration at Handwerker
By Arthur Whitman
Ithaca Times March 27, 2013 Page 17, Volume XXXIV, Number 27

Warner’s oils are perhaps the most consistently engrossing pieces here. One is impressed by their robustness, their richness of color, by the intricacy and the depth of the spaces they unfold. Although grounded in still-life, they have a capaciousness that works between genres, evoking landscape and abstract expressionist painting.

Abstract exhibit showcases local artists’ work
By Mimi Reynolds
The Ithacan March 27, 2013
(This was a nice article from the College's newspaper)

Warner’s painting creates nostalgic serenity, as the brightly colored shapes transform the same way clouds do to someone lying on his or her back in a field.

Werner Sun and Jessica Warner: Sculpted Lines
By Lindsey Bellosa
Lindsey Bellosa: Finding PoetryJune 22, 2012

Yesterday I visited Werner Sun and Jessica Warner's first collaborative exhibition. They have created an installation of mixed medium at Station 923…

A Different Perspective on Still Life
By Arthur Whitman
Tompkins Weekly June 13-19, 2011 Page 10, Issue #110613

Bulbous, abstracted forms populate Jessica Warner’s still–life paintings. Drawn from setups of peppers, beads and fragments of tree branches, her work distinctively evokes landscape: rocks and mountains with finely checkered areas (perhaps tablecloth) suggesting partitions of farmland. The viewer looks down, as if from a bird's eye view—one wants to swoop in and out...

Washes of Color: Jessica Warner blurs the lines between drawing and painting in her ‘Peppered’ show By Wylie Schwartz
Ithaca Times June 8, 2011 Page 20, Volume XXXIII #41

On view at the CAP ArtSpace, Jessica Warner’s solo exhibition is concerned with the relationships and implied narratives suggested by the new forms discovered through the observation of objects. Titled “Peppered,” the show includes nine new works, each playfully blurring the line between painting and drawing, and each revealing the artist’s fascination with line's ability to transform the empty space of the canvas...

Note: This article had a reference to ‘Ulica Lenina’, this was in fact a misprint.
The Artist being referred to is Yuliya Lanina. Please check out her work!

Look for my portfolio under 2011 Ithaca Alumni.